Wednesday, October 2, 2013



I was just sitting here, writing a post for June and now that whole summer has past and the weather is changing in Bishop again.

And what a difference a couple of months make.

Well, the Old Bear and I are still trying to get adjusted to this “retirement” thing. Especially now that I am not working at all myself, we find it difficult to be on schedule with anything, other than hair appointments.

Before we had to get things done in a timely manner because of kids and work.  But now… OH MY!!!

Thinking about it, I find it rather interesting, that we are probably busier now than we have been in the past, as far as travelling and being busy with projects.  But there are no deadlines, or starting times, so things are easily put off.

It was a wonderful summer, and in the next few posts I want to bring you all up on my projects.

But the biggest, most wonderful news that we received this summer, is that our baby girl is pregnant with our FIRST grandbaby. Which brings up the question… many baby quilts does a baby need?

Let’s do some more blocks from the Patches of Spring pattern:

Second block:  Long Walks


Even though this block is in the Patches of Spring pattern, I think it really fits for any season.  In S[ring, when the air is crisp and the leaves are showing up everywhere, there is a fresh smell in the air.  In the Summer, before it gets too hot and everything is in bloom. In the Fall, when the breeze is cool and the ground is covered in leaves. And in the Winter, when you have to dress warm because the air is brisk and you can enjoy the smell of wood burning fireplaces.  I especially like the thought of the walks being slow and long.

Third Block:  Rubber Boots


As a child I stepped in every puddle in defiance. I can hear my mama telling me “Don’t step in those puddles, you will catch a terrible cold”   Of course, once she turned her back, I splashed even harder…I can’t remember if I ever caught that “terrible cold”..probably selective memory.  Now as a adult, the rain still brings much pleasure, the sound and smell of it, the memories it conjures up.  And now in my older age, though I am probably more prone to getting that cold…..sometimes I still do it to remember her and her loving warning.

Fourth Block: Shine


It is good advice…..bloom and shine.  In no matter where we find our passion, whether it be quilting or writing, in woodworking or painting.  Wherever it may be, may we strive to bloom in it, excel in it and find pleasure it in…and then SHINE!!


I love Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day  ( books.  I enjoy her techniques and the pictures and instructions are so thorough, and include so many different ideas and sizes all figured out for you.  In this particular book she also includes lots of information about the Underground Railroad and its history. Although I have yet to make a full quilt in a day…

Because I couldn’t decide what size of blocks I wanted to do, I decided to do the 12” block in Civil War Reproductions, which seems appropriate. And then to pull some favorite fabrics our of my stash to make the 6” blocks.  Yea 6”, but there are so cute! 

DSCN3125001Bow Tie


I think this type of picture shows the contrast in sizes between the two blocks better.

004_02Monkey Wrench

005_02The Wonderful Log Cabin block.

DSCN3255Underground Railroad

Enjoy the change of weather.



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Sunday, June 30, 2013


The concept of a new project, makes me sort of laugh.  It gives the impression that I am caught up on all my UFOs and so it is on to a new project.


Believe me this is not the case.  But I finally finished all the buttonholing that I needed to do on 2 of the pieces so I thought I could share it now.

It is from

Opprotunity 2013002

I have to admit that the title kind of threw me off…..I am a traditionalist quilter at heart.  I love all the old blocks, from the Log Cabin to the Dresden Plate. So when I read “Urban” it didn’t do a thing for me. That is, until I browsed through it….and fell in love with most of the patterns.

So here are the 2 main components of the quilt I am working on:

Opprotunity 2013003It was easy to fall in love with this flower, because my favorite color is red. And any afternoon spent in doing buttonholing is a good afternoon in my book.

Opprotunity 2013004And then to add black and white checkerboard, that is a huge plus.  These are a black on black print and a white on white, so there is some depth and fun to it.

My kitchen floors are just like this, that is with out the designs. But it makes me nostalgic for juke boxes, bobby socks and chocolate shakes. And really reminds me of Curry’s on Brooklyn Avenue in Boyle Heights where I grew up.  There not only has the best ice cream but also the best tuna fish sandwiches.  It was a big treat to go in there and hang out and hope some one would put money in the juke box so we could dance and sing out loud to Frankie Valle and the Temptations. 

Wow I guess this quilt brings lots of memories that I didn’t expect ….Another reason to love quilting.

I will keep you updated.



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Wednesday, June 12, 2013



It is really started to warm up here in Bishop.  We still have wonderfully cool evening but the days are getting HOT and LONG!!

So before we are off to finding ways of staying cool, I thought I would share with you my pattern:


Although now that I think about it, there are ways even in this quilt to remind us how to spend some summer time and how to keep cool.

First Block:  Clothesline

What first triggered the idea for this quilt was this wonderful swirly fabric.

Wringer Washer

When I was growing up, my mama always hung the clothes on the clothesline.  That is except the “nicer” sweaters or blouses or the endless wool skirts she made us wear in September to look  nice for Back To School….the hottest month of all. No,  those were laid out on a blanket on the floor.  We had a wringer washer and we didn’t put the “nicer” things through but everything else went through whether it wanted to or not.

I loved hanging the clothes on the clothes line at the end of our walkway in the back yard. It was quiet time, alone time. Time to think of what I would be when I grew up, or which boy I had a crush on in school, or why do I always have to hang the clothes up. I could sing out loud and not get criticized (I just knew that the Miracles needed a girl singer) and mostly I could take my time.

Really it was a reflective time, the clothes smelled clean like Tide, and we had one of those cloth hangers that held the clothespins. We had to always put the clothespins in the holder and take the holder in the house, because we had a huge Mulberry tree and any of that purple juice got on them they would stain for sure.  You know, I am not sure why my mama wasn’t as worried about the clothes?

Now as a wife, a mom and a quilter… I have a washer and a dryer, but I still lay/hang those “nicer” blouses and sweaters.  Those mama lessons are embedded. But I long to see my quilts on the clothesline, waving in the wind. And smelling like home.



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Much time has past since my last/first entry. And many things have happened.  Many good, some sad. Life in general.

I have continued to make patterns but for a while my company and own patterns plus projects took a back seat.

I was working when I first started my blog, at this job I also maintained a Blog . It was fun I suppose part of my absence on my own blog was because the other took a lot of time. But that is no excuse. And neither was my absence. This is what I like to do. This beings me pleasure.

So now I am back..A RETURN TO MY PASSION, and it is feeling good. I am no longer working and enjoying catching up on projects and working my my patterns.

So allow me to start with a quick update, I am still happily married to the same old bear. He is retired now, after 40 years with the same Power Company and loving it. .  The children are al doing well, Lauren has changed jobs and is working a lot. Ted graduated from College of the Redwoods and now attends Humbolt University.  Meagan is still at Hume Lake and our oldest Chelsea is still happily married.

I am still a bear collector, a quilter and a avid builder of my stash.

It is god to be back, I will share any new patterns I have plus projects that I am currently working on.

I hope you will visit often and leave a comment or two. And share your projects with me.

A quick thank you, a HUGE THANK YOU to my family and Shari for your continued support and encouragement.



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