Wednesday, June 12, 2013



Much time has past since my last/first entry. And many things have happened.  Many good, some sad. Life in general.

I have continued to make patterns but for a while my company and own patterns plus projects took a back seat.

I was working when I first started my blog, at this job I also maintained a Blog . It was fun I suppose part of my absence on my own blog was because the other took a lot of time. But that is no excuse. And neither was my absence. This is what I like to do. This beings me pleasure.

So now I am back..A RETURN TO MY PASSION, and it is feeling good. I am no longer working and enjoying catching up on projects and working my my patterns.

So allow me to start with a quick update, I am still happily married to the same old bear. He is retired now, after 40 years with the same Power Company and loving it. .  The children are al doing well, Lauren has changed jobs and is working a lot. Ted graduated from College of the Redwoods and now attends Humbolt University.  Meagan is still at Hume Lake and our oldest Chelsea is still happily married.

I am still a bear collector, a quilter and a avid builder of my stash.

It is god to be back, I will share any new patterns I have plus projects that I am currently working on.

I hope you will visit often and leave a comment or two. And share your projects with me.

A quick thank you, a HUGE THANK YOU to my family and Shari for your continued support and encouragement.



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