Sunday, June 30, 2013


The concept of a new project, makes me sort of laugh.  It gives the impression that I am caught up on all my UFOs and so it is on to a new project.


Believe me this is not the case.  But I finally finished all the buttonholing that I needed to do on 2 of the pieces so I thought I could share it now.

It is from

Opprotunity 2013002

I have to admit that the title kind of threw me off…..I am a traditionalist quilter at heart.  I love all the old blocks, from the Log Cabin to the Dresden Plate. So when I read “Urban” it didn’t do a thing for me. That is, until I browsed through it….and fell in love with most of the patterns.

So here are the 2 main components of the quilt I am working on:

Opprotunity 2013003It was easy to fall in love with this flower, because my favorite color is red. And any afternoon spent in doing buttonholing is a good afternoon in my book.

Opprotunity 2013004And then to add black and white checkerboard, that is a huge plus.  These are a black on black print and a white on white, so there is some depth and fun to it.

My kitchen floors are just like this, that is with out the designs. But it makes me nostalgic for juke boxes, bobby socks and chocolate shakes. And really reminds me of Curry’s on Brooklyn Avenue in Boyle Heights where I grew up.  There not only has the best ice cream but also the best tuna fish sandwiches.  It was a big treat to go in there and hang out and hope some one would put money in the juke box so we could dance and sing out loud to Frankie Valle and the Temptations. 

Wow I guess this quilt brings lots of memories that I didn’t expect ….Another reason to love quilting.

I will keep you updated.



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