Monday, March 10, 2014


I am a quilter and not a sewer.  But when it came to Aidyn Elijah I temporarily became a curtain maker.  Mind you very simple!  It was actually the first time I ever purchased a whole bolt of fabric. The hardest part of the sewing was that the curtains were so long. But after pressing, sewing double seams (fancy huh) there are up and look good.  Three for the window and two for the closet.


A cuddly quilt out of Minkee, I simply gridded it.  Nice and simply. 


I found this cute panel when my daughter Meagan and I were at the Long Beach Quilt Festival, before I knew the theme of the Aidyn’s room. But I fell in love with the cute animals.  And as it turned out his theme is elephants so it fit right in.  I hand quilted this panel with the big stitch and using Perl Cotton. 


And now I am working on a Trip Around the World……pics to follow.

It is a whole new different experience quilting for Aidyn, I always ask myself ….how many quilts does a little man need…and a friend of mine told me….as many as you want to make him…..FREEDOM!!!!!



Bear for ABMP

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Sherry Eckblad said...

Fabulous job on the curtains. I too am not a sewer unless you count sewing on paper for my cards and scrapbook layouts. I did however make a very simple pair of curtains for Micah's bedroom windows using his favorite characters. Fabric was from the movie Cars and had lots of Mater trucks on it.
Love your little quilts you made Aiyden too.