Sunday, March 13, 2011

My First Post……


March Bear02 


The funny thing about the first blog is that you have to sit down and do it.  Get past the initial blank page and just do it as they say……

It isn't a lack of what I want to share, or a lack of things to say, it is just …that this is THE FIRST POST!!

You want to make a good first impression…which I am sure I have not..but I am hoping that once I get past this it will all come easier.

I have been quilting for almost 21 years.  When we were expecting our 3rd and 4th child….yup twins. Very exciting and very special.  I decided that once they ere a little older that I would need a hobby.  Up till then I had done cross stitch and dabbled a little in other crafts.  I grew up with a mom that sewed all our clothes and I wanted nothing to do with sewing so I tried everything else.  When the twins were about 9 months my OB (old bear husband) and I were walking around after having pizza (one of the 4 food groups) and we walked by a tole painting store and right down from there was a quilt shop.  I knew nothing about either of these.  We walked in both and then I told him…”you decide…what should I try”.  For a split second he looked afraid…..then he said that he liked the look and feel of the quilts and thought I should try that.

May Baby Boy 

Needless to say, I became addicted and remind him each time he has any comments about my stash and wonders why we have to plan our vacation around a quilt shop or quilt show, I just say…But OB …. it is what you chose!!!!  Love it.

We have 4 wonderful children…excuse me they are not children anymore.  As we go through this journey of bear blogging…I will share bits and pieces about them.  For now I am blessed with my 4 daughters Chelsea who is happily married and a avid horse person.  Meagan who works at  Hume Lake Christian Camp full time and a quilter.  Lauren who works at Home Depot and has no desire to quilt but doesn’t hesitate to tell me what she wants in a quilt.  And my son Ted (who is a twin with Lauren) who attends College of the Redwoods currently and will transfer to Humboldt in the fall.

Since they are all grown and I had a empty bear house I decided to try my hand at making patterns for quilting and embroidery. It is my first attempt and I have lots of cheerleaders and support in my family and my bestest friend Shari.  I also work at Sierra Cottons and Wools here in town and the owner Barri Gaudet who is the owner also of  Bareroots patterns has  encouraged me.  Thank you everyone.  Although it is a big thing for me….and sometimes overwhelming.  I am enjoying it. So….

The first pattern that I have to share with you is BLOOMING BOXESDSCN0760 

It is a simple quilt that can show off your favorite fabrics.  This Moda line OZ was perfect for that.  A large floral and tiny checks coordinates. But it would look great in baby flannels, or fun kid fabrics.  So many possibilities and it is one of those quilts that will look different with each change of fabrics.

OK so there it is….my first post. How did I do…?



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